Frequently Asked Questions

How does a company become an approved vendor?

Applying to become an approved vendor is simple, fill out this simple form here.
NuFin performs its own due diligence before a vendor is validated, the approval process usually takes 48 hours. You will be notified of the outcome via email.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits in sourcing partnerships through NuFin, they include but are not limited to:

  • Opportunities to collaborate with other Key Partners
  • New project opportunities
  • Profitable sub-contracting opportunities
  • Early access to NuFin vendor products & services
  • Increased brand awareness via NuFin’s network
  • Unique marketing campaign options

How much does it cost?

NuFin is success-orientated, as such, we do not charge any fees until a project, collaboration or service agreement is finalized.
NuFin does not charge sign up or subscription fees.

Price of Project/Service
Our Fee
<$100k - <$1M
$1M - <$10M
A minimum charge of $1600 may apply.
Payment plans are available.

What are the Key Partners obligations?

NuFin encourages Key Partners to list NuFin as a partner on company web properties. NuFin will supply marketing collateral


NuFin performs its own due diligence when a company applies to be a Key Partner, this process may involve follow up questions, we may ask that you provide a key contact for this communication


NuFin may send out a customer satisfaction survey as part of monitoring the quality of Key Partners


We require that NuFin is recognized and compensated for any and all projects, collaborations and service agreements that are introduced, initiated or facilitated by NuFin

Where can I find NuFin Marketing Collateral?

To receive NuFin marketing collateral contact us at, in your email please state the intended use of the collateral.

Does NuFin guarantee finding a project partner?

While NuFin does its best to connect you with suitable partners we do not guarantee a match.
Please consider this when planning your projects.

Does NuFin advertise its Key Partners?

By default NuFin does not actively advertise Key Partners, nor do we promote Key Partners in any web properties.
Special agreements can be made in certain instances.

If you would like to discuss marketing opportunities, please contact us at

How soon should we expect project or collaboration opportunities?

The vendor approval process usually takes 48 hours. As soon as your company is approved NuFin will begin sourcing appropriate partners.

While NuFin does its best to connect you with suitable partners we do not guarantee a match.

How often should we expect project or collaboration opportunities?

This depends on the demand for the specific project, collaboration or service and will vary due to considerations such as capacity, budget and interest in specific opportunities.

What is NuFin’s role in projects or collaborations?

We only suggest partnerships that we believe are in the best interest of both parties, however, NuFin is a facilitator and will not be involved in, or be responsible for, the outcome the project, collaboration or service.

How does NuFin find the best business partner for our project?

NuFin utilizes a rich ecosystem of technology companies across New Zealand and Australia, once we locate potential partners, they are then filtered to match your specific requirements.
NuFin also leverages various institutions across Australasia, sourcing fresh startups to help you build new solutions.
If you require a specific service NuFin can accommodate your business needs through a range of approved service providers.

If you would like more information, please contact us at

We’re only a small company, can NuFin still help us?

Absolutely, NuFin champions quality small businesses and startups.
Once you become approved as a vendor (link here) or client (link here) NuFin will connect you with other experts to help grow your business, increase market share and open new revenue streams.

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